Finnish LCA database launched

Congratulations to the Ympäristöministeriö – Miljöministeriet – Ministry of the Environment of Finland for the introduction of the first #Finnish#LifeCycleAssessment#database. No surprises when it comes to the #carbonfootprint, #carbonhandprint and additional environmental factors of cellulose fibre […]

Promise made, promise kept

Promise made, promise kept: Cellulose fibre insulation continues to play the first fiddle as the greenest of the green and most resilient insulation material. Common European action, as set out by […]

A word from the Chairman of the Board

October 2020 Green and resilient: the insulation for the 21st century is already here Cellulose insulation, a bio-based, recyclable insulator, which itself is produced from upcycled materials, certainly meets current […]