The make or break decade is here

The make or break decade, as coined by BPIE – Buildings Performance Institute Europe , has arrived. When it comes to the latest report, one thing remains clear:without a clear assessment of whole #life–#carbon included in an ambitious vision and strategy for the #European#building stock, integrated in a support system of #standards, #policies while ensuring that the project is accepted and supported by the #public, […]

ECIA joins Construction Products Europe

Collaboration is key. This is especially true in challenging times, which we currently witness, triggered by an ongoing pandemic and the climate crisis. Today’s actions will heavily impact the lives of Europeans for years to come, from CO2 emission reductions to energy poverty. To find the best, readily available solutions, we need to work together. […]

ECIA’s feedback to the EPBD revision

The next milestone for the #renovationwave is taking shape, with the revision of the #EPBD. ♻️ What is needed?🌱 Focus on bio-based, recycled materials with ability to serve as carbon storage✅ Guarantee public funding for renovation projects to halt the budget gap🏡 Set-up minimum energy performance standards for construction and renovation Have a look at ECIA’s feedback for […]

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