Carla, our virtual host, introduces you to life cycle assessments

Another week, another introduction to the world of cellulose insulation by our virtual host Carla. Today, she takes us through the basics of life cycle assessments (#LCAs) and #environmental benchmarks within the world of #sustainable building materials. Find out more here:

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Ecocel Ireland joins ECIA

From 2022, we welcome Ecocel Ireland as a member of the European Cellulose Insulation Association. John Egan took over Ecocel in 2010 has spent the past number of years updating machinery and promoting the business. Two recent boosts for the company have been an appearance on RTÉ’s Eco Eye programme and a

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The make or break decade is here

The make or break decade, as coined by BPIE – Buildings Performance Institute Europe , has arrived. When it comes to the latest report, one thing remains clear:without a clear assessment of whole #life–#carbon included in an ambitious vision and strategy for the #European#building stock, integrated in a support system of #standards, #policies while ensuring that the project is

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