ECIA’s mission is to be the single point of contact for quality manufacturers of cellulose fibre insulation in the fields of European industry, construction and environmental policy affairs, norms and standardisations. 

ECIA supports its members through networks and information, in particular in


strong contacts with leaders in all segments of the construction market

Proactively engaging

in the developments of European policies and norms for cellulose fibre insulation and the construction industry

Forming and sustaining

strong relationships and exchanges with sister associations around the globe


up-to-date information for the cellulose fibre insulation industry, e.g. upcoming changes in norms and regulations


technical information and relevant education about cellulose fibre insulation for all stakeholders in the European building sector

Generating & sharing

impartial information for the cellulose fibre insulation industry as a whole


accurate and relevant technical information to ‘prospective’ home owners

On a technical level and through its work in the technical committees and task groups, ECIA is


development and improvement of quality standards for cellulose fibre insulation.


with research institutes and laboratories to further develop cellulose fibre insulation


testing protocols for the use of cellulose fiber insulation in different applications


testing in order to acquire and deepen knowledge of cellulose fibre insulation in various construction sectors