Promise made, promise kept: Cellulose fibre insulation continues to play the first fiddle as the greenest of the green and most resilient insulation material.


Common European action, as set out by the highly ambitious yet crucial European Green Deal with the overarching goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050, was never more important than today.

With the crippling effects of the COVID-19 crisis felt across Europe, the action requires not only a joint approach, but even more so a swift and targeted implementation. This is even more true for the fragmented nature of the building sector.

ECIA and its members herewith reaffirm their firm belief that a dedicated renovation fund, together with the commitment to make the renovation wave a green and sustainable, and not a green-washed one, will play an important role in the renovation wave’s success.

The time is now for resilient and green insulation materials to take center stage. From low embodied energy, via locally sourced raw materials to decades of bringing comfort to homes and wallets alike – cellulose fibre insulation keeps its made promises.